Agapanthus a  well-known perennial that emerges from a rhizome resembling a bulb, it can withstand prolonged periods of drought with resilience. Their blue or white flowers lend a burst of mid-to late-summer beauty, while their spiky evergreen or semi-evergreen leaves give them a winter presence.

Planting Methodology:

  • Agapanthus bulbs are planted in January or February in mild, frost-free areas.
  • Create a hole that is around three times deeper than the bulb’s height.
  • Place the hollow side of the bulb into the hole, cover with soil, and press down firmly.
  • Place lights ten to twelve inches apart.
  • Thoroughly water after planting.
  • Utilize the planting mix for bulbs as Sand, perlite, compost, and garden soil (2:2:1:1) Soil + vermicompost + cocopeat (2:1:2)


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