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It is a stunning blue flower that blooms on a vine. This plant is utilized in poojas and prayers, which is why you’ll find it in many Indian homes. It requires little care and grows rapidly as well. Beautiful Aparajita, Blue Pea, Clitoria Ternatea, and Butterfly Pea flowers will enhance the beauty of your garden. The Aparajita Blue Pea flower has several uses; it can be used to avoid weariness, reduce inflammation, and heal ulcers.


  • Take a Seedling Tray and add Cocopeat to it.
  • Create a hole that is ½ inch deep, then plant one seed in each.
  • After adding Cocopeat to the hole, mist it with water.
  • Drink water each day.
  • Seeds will sprout in two to three weeks.
  • It requires partial shade and full sunlight.


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