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A Beetal Paan Plant is a tropical creeper that is evergreen. The heart-shaped leaves shimmer with a green hue. There will be a 1-inch net pot with this plant. Please put the plant directly in a larger pot rather than taking it out of the net pot. Don’t water the plant too much.


  • Together with the net pot, take a sapling and determine the right size container for your plant.
  • Fill in the pot’s bottom hole openings.
  • Fill the pot with more than half of the potting soil.Next, insert the net pot and your sapling into the center of the hole you made with your finger in the potting soil.
  • Reapply soil and give it a good soak.


  • Name in botany: Piper betle
  • Paan ke paudhe ka paudha (पान के पौधे का पौधा) is the Hindi name for the betel paan plant sapling.
  • Vilyadele Pan Gida Sasi (ವවಳ್ಯದೆಲೆ ಪಾನ್ ಗಿ಑ ಸಸಿ) is the name of the betel paan plant seedling in Kannada.
  • Verrilai pan ceti kanru (வெற்றிலை பான் செட௿ கஅ்று) is the Tamil name for betel paan plant sapling.
  • In Telugu, the betel paan plant sapling is known as tamalapāku mokka mokka (తమలప఍కు మొక్క మొక్క).
  • In marathi, supari pana vanaspatice ropate is the betel paan plant sapling (सुपारी पान वनस्पतीचे रोपटे).
  • In Malayalam, verrila pan cetiyute tai (വെറ്റില പ഍ൻ ചെടിയുടെ തൈ) is the name of the betel paan plant sapling.
  • Other names for this plant include pan, sireh, betel, betel vine, and betel pepper.






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