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  • Chincherinchee, Ornithogalum (Yellow) plant that grows beautifully in pots and has enormous, long-lasting blossoms.
  • The genus’s common name, Star-of-Bethlehem, derives from its star-shaped flowe Ornithogalum is a genus that has over 180 species. Long linear to oblong-lanceolate (lance-shaped) leaves are the genus’ defining feature. The ovoid bulbs have concrescent or free scales.
  • With fading green or brown shading in the center, these are either off-white or white. Once open, these long-lasting blossoms bend in the direction of the light. There are only roughly six leaves per stalk, and they are sword-shaped and succulent. To the touch, they are smooth and velvety.

Care for Chincherinchee:

  • The spring and summer months are when Chincherinchee bulbs are sown.
  • Make sure the soil is well-drained and pick a spot that receives full sun.
  • For bulb plantations, use the following potting mix ratio: garden soil + compost + perlite + sand (2:2:1:1).Soil + vermicompost + cocopeat (2:1:2)


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