Christmas cactus plants grow well indoors in partial shade and require little care. There will be a 1-inch net pot with the plant. Don’t water the plant too much. Kindly place the net pot in a larger pot instead of taking the plant out of it. For further information, see our workshops as well.


There is one sapling per net pot.

Height of sapling: 2 inches

Watering: when the soil’s top layer becomes dry

Bright indirect light from the sun


Easy difficulty level; mixed flower color
Plant Height at Full: 6–12 Inches
Type: indoor feed; once a month, add seaweed for greener leaves, once a week for nutrients, and once a month for greater blooming.
Watering: Use a modest amount according on the soil’s dryness.
Light: either strong or partly indirect sunlight; ideal temperature range is between 60°F and 65°F.


Together with the net pot, take a sapling and determine the right size container for your plant.
Close off the pot’s bottom holes.
Fill the pot with more than half of the potting soil.
Next, insert the net pot and your sapling into the center of the hole you made with your finger in the potting soil.
Reapply soil and give it a good soak.


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