• Crinum Lily (Red) are big, moisture- and heat-loving plants that produce a profusion of eye-catching summer blooms.
  • This crinum usually blooms in July, when its fragrant white flower with narrow petals is accentuated by long, wine-red stamens. They stand out from the rest of the garden in terms of appearance. Crinum leaves are basal; they are usually strap-shaped and long.

Planting and Keeping Up:

  • Plant large bulbs in broad sun or filtered light in the early spring. For the bulbs to stay out of the water, the soil needs to drain adequately.
  • Plant 10 cm deep in any somewhat fertile, damp, but well-drained soil.
  • Protect against the dampness of the winter.
  • Generally free of illnesses and pests
  • Dig up bulbs and store them for the winter in a cool, frost-free location before the first frost. Use a medium that holds in as little moisture as possible, such as peat or vermiculite.


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