The Daffodil “Delnashaugh” is a specific variety of daffodil (Narcissus) that is known for its distinctive white and pink-colored blossoms. It is a spring-flowering bulbous plant that is often grown for its attractive and unique flowers.


  • Flower Colors: The “Delnashaugh” daffodil features white petals with a central corona (the trumpet-like structure) in a pink or salmon-pink color. This color combination gives the flowers a striking and elegant appearance.
  • Growth Habit: Daffodils are typically characterized by their tall, slender stems that support the flowers. The “Delnashaugh” daffodil will exhibit this general daffodil growth habit.
  • Bulbs: Daffodils grow from bulbs. When you purchase a set of 5 daffodil bulbs, you can plant them in your garden or in containers during the fall for a beautiful spring display. Each bulb will produce one flowering stem with multiple flowers.
  • Bloom Time: Daffodils, including the “Delnashaugh” variety, typically bloom in the early to mid-spring, bringing a burst of color to your garden.
  • Sun and Soil Requirements: Daffodils generally prefer well-drained soil and partial to full sun exposure for best results.


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