Daffodils and Narcissus (orange) flowering shrubs and other bulbs make excellent partners.

Bulbous perennials belong to the genus Narcissus. A slight narrowing but not a significant shortening of the inner whorls is seen as the perianth and other petaloid segments gradually overlap in an orange hue. The leaves of Narcissus resemble rushes and are tall and thin.

Common Name: Daffodil, Jonquil, Trevene
Height: Up to 16 inches
Flower Colour: Orange
Bloom Time: Spring
Difficulty Level: Easy to grow

Planting Care
The leaves shouldn’t be pruned back until it starts to turn yellow, and soils should be kept consistently moist throughout the growth season.
Following flowering, the top part of each flower stalk can be cut off.
Digging can be used to split up clumps if bloom quantity and quality diminish over time.

Daffodil Care
Daffodil Insight
In the fall, you can plant four to five bulbs per square foot.
Using a fork to loosen the dirt, place the bulb root end up and point down.
Plant six plants spaced six inches apart from the bulb’s center.
Plant each bulb two to three times as deep as it is, with at least three inches of soil covering the top of each bulb.
It’s always possible to place potted bulbs a little closer than garden bulbs.

Sunlight Full sun to part shade
Watering Medium
Soil Well-drained soils, organically rich loams
Temperature 14 to 24 degrees C
Fertilizer Fresh potting compost
Harvest Season Spring


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