Daffodils have lovely blossoms. Daffodils, also known as Narcissus, are resilient flowering plants.

Scapose perennial bulbs, planted this fall, have a single central hollow bloom stalk that is leafless. The bulb produces a number of slender, strap-shaped, green or blue-green leaves. Normally, the plant stem contains a single flower, but on occasion, an umbel (cluster of flowers) will appear.

Flowers can range in height from 6 to 20 inches, and they can be solitary or double. They can also grow alone on a stem or in clusters.The stamens are located in this trumpet-shaped structure, which is the flower’s most noticeable characteristic. Due to the daffodil’s popularity, numerous variants have been created, with the trumpet and petals itself coming in contrasting colors of yellow, white, pink, or orange, which set them apart from the yellow parent form.

Common Name: Narcissus, daffodil Las Vegas, daffadowndilly
Height: up to eighteen inches
Color: white-peach
Bloom Period: Early spring or late winter
Difficulty Level: Easily grown

Planting And Care

  • If bulbs are not responding well after flowering, apply a low-nitrogen, high-potash fertilizer.
  • Water daffodils that bloom late in the spring when the weather is dry, since the flowers may wither away.
  • In the event of no precipitation, keep plants well-watered; keep going until the leaves start to turn yellow.
  • For a more aesthetically pleasing garden, deadhead plants when the flowers fade and leave the leaves on the plant for at least six weeks.
  • When there is little to no blossoming or congestion among the clumps, lift and divide them.
  • Either chop off the dead plants at the base or gently tug on the leaves to remove them

Daffodil Spring Pride Care

  • When planting a bulb, the typical rule is to cover it with soil up to three times its vertical diameter.
  • Maintain a planting depth of six to eight inches and a planting spacing of four to six inches.
  • Place them correctly spaced and upright with their tops facing up (pointed side up) in the bottom of the hole.
  • Water the area well after planting to help the soil settle and promote the onset of root growth.
  • Let the plants grow until they die off after they bloom in the spring.
  • After blooming, they require time to store energy in the bulbs for the following year.




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