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  • Freesia (Red) bloom the exquisite, fragile, and fragrant red flowers These flowers add to the attractiveness of the garden. This blossoming beauty makes you fall in love.
  • A well-liked spring flowering bulb, freesias have lovely fragrant blossoms that are cheery and vibrant. Freesia has a strong flowery scent and a vibrant color spectrum that make it difficult to resist.
  • Freesias create wonderful cut flowers that endure a long time in the vase. They have up to eight trumpet-shaped, upward-pointing blossoms on leafless stalks.

Freesia Health:

  • A bulb is used to propagate freesia.
  • Early spring is the ideal time to grow this bulb.
  • For bulb plantations, use the following potting mix ratio: garden soil + compost + perlite + sand (2:2:1:1).Soil + vermicompost + cocopeat (2:1:2)


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