Gladiolus is a perennial that is prized for its exquisite, dazzling flowers.

During the summer, gladiolus plants thrive in the warm temperatures. Planting corms every few weeks or so will allow you to produce these flowers in order.Their leaves are sword-shaped and often grow on unbranched stalks. With green bracts and tepals, the flower spikes are big and symmetrical.

Although the plants bloom in July, you can extend their blooming season by planting them at different periods of the year and selecting early, mid, and late season varieties. The height range is two to four feet.

Common Name: Lily sword
Height: up to 4 feet
Color:  Saffron
Level of Difficulty: Easy to Grow

Planting And Care

  • To keep your soil moist and to deter weeds, mulch the area surrounding your gladioli with a 2 to 4 inch layer.
  • Throughout the summer, make sure to water your plants frequently if you receive less than one inch of rain per week.
  • If not, water them sparingly while they’re growing to maintain moisture in the soil.
  • Get rid of the fading or dead flowers to guarantee ongoing growth.
  • When a stalk’s blossoms are all gone, trim the stalk off.
  • Make sure to keep the plant whole so that it can develop and regenerate the corms for the following growing season.


Gladiolus Care for Saffron

  • Gladiolus plants thrive in the warm summer months. You can cultivate these flowers in succession by sowing corms approximately every few weeks.
  • Mid-spring is the ideal time to begin gladiolus planting.
  • Since gladiolus have a long sheaf of leaves, you must plant them deeper than usual. This will help anchor them against high winds that could blow them to the ground. Space your plantings five to six inches apart.


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