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Gladiolus is known for its tall, elegant spikes of flowers that come in a wide range of colors and patterns. They are popular choices for cut flowers and for adding vertical interest in gardens. If you have a specific variety of Gladiolus in mind or more information about the “Graceful Gladiolus” garden pack, it’s recommended to consult the packaging or the seller for detailed information regarding planting instructions, care requirements, and specific characteristics of that particular variety.




  • Gardening improve health and reduce stress.
  • These bulbs are very easy to grow and care.
  • With the pots you can grow flower even with less gardening area.

Combo Constituents

SrNo Item name Qty
1 Gladiolus (Random color) – Bulbs 10
2 Transplanting Trowel No. MMI 83 – Gardening Tool 1
3 5.1 inch (13 cm) Round Thermoform Pot (Terracotta Color) 5
4 Potting Soil Mix for Lilies and Bulbs – 5 kg 1

Special Feature


  • Get 10 Gladiolus bulbs along with pots, transplanting trowel and soil in a single pack.
  • Gladiolus is a classic perennial produce attractive tall flower spikes.
  • Multicolor flowers give you the beautiful scenery.
  • The soil in this pack is rich with all the nutrient require for lilies and bulb gardening.


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