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  • Iris Strong Gold (Yellow) is a genus of colorful plants with eye-catching flowers.
  • Perennial plants, iris originate from bulbs in drier climates or from creeping rhizomes. Their flowering stems are long and upright, with the ability to be simple or branching, solid or hollow, and round or flattened.The basal sword-shaped leaves of iris plants typically grow in thick bunches of three to ten.
  • The basal leaves of bulbous species are cylindrical.One or more symmetrical six-lobed flowers can be found in the fan-shaped inflorescences.

Care for Iris Strong Gold:

  • These bulbs are prepared and prepared for seeding.
  • From September to December, plant iris bulbs in warm, sunny locations.
  • Plant the bulbs in full sun or light shade in well-drained, moderately fertile soil.
  • To improve the fertility of the soil before planting, loosen it and incorporate compost into it.
  • Plant the bulbs at least 7 cm apart and 5 cm deep.
  • Following planting, properly water and cover the bulb with earth.
  • For optimal sprouting, leave the iris bulb visible at the surface and avoid totally covering it.
  • Use the following ratio of potting mix for bulb plantations: 1 Garden soil + Perlite + Sand + Compost (2:2:1:1)
  • Soil + vermicompost + cocopeat (2:1:2)


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