Neem cakes are made from organic and natural ingredients. They are completely chemical-free and biodegradable. It’s a fantastic Organic Soil Amendment. It enriches the soil and can be used in conjunction with other soil conditioners. For more information, please see our workshops.


Neem cake is made primarily by crushing neem leaves, bark, and fruits. It is the best source of micronutrients, which help plants grow. In addition to nutrient support, Neem cake provides insect and pest protection.


Apply neem cake powder to potting soil 10 to 14 days before planting.
When using it on established plants, apply it around the root area and make sure it is completely covered and mixed in with the soil.


Neem Cake Powder provides the plant with all of the nutrients it requires while also aiding in pest control. Neem cake powder lasts longer and retains water to keep the soil healthy.



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