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The Philodendron Black Cardinal plant  features lustrous green leaves that are almost black. The large oval or true Lance-shaped leaves emerge in shades of bronze or pale orange. Flowers are a blackish red, finger-like spadix that resembles a cloak and can appear at any time throughout the warm months. This plant is easy to handle, low maintenance, and a great addition to any interior design. These plants require little care. There will be a 1-inch net pot with this plant.


  • Together with the net pot, take a sapling and determine the right size container for your plant.
  • Close off the pot’s bottom holes.
  • Fill the pot with more than half of the potting soil.
  • Next, insert the net pot and your sapling into the center of the hole you made with your finger in the potting soil.
  • Reapply soil and give it a good soak.


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