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  • Vermicompost (Single Serve): Vermicompost lessens erosion and enhances soil structure, texture, porosity, drainage, and aeration. By promoting the development of new shoots and leaves, it enhances plant growth and raises production. It aids in balancing the soil’s pH.
  • Neem Powder (Single Serve): Neem Cake Powder helps keep pests under control while giving the plant all the nutrition it needs. In addition to lasting longer, neem cake powder holds water to maintain healthy soil.
  • Epsom Salt (Single Serve): Promotes huge blooms in roses and helps seeds germinate.
  • Seaweed (Single Serve): Phosphorus is found in seaweed, which aids in the development of robust, healthy root systems in plants. Seaweed also enhances soil texture, which significantly enhances aeration and drainage. Fertilizer made of seaweed can directly improve soil


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