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Rainy Lily is a tropical wildflower that is most commonly referred to as Rain Lilies because of their propensity to bloom following a heavy downpour. These little charmers weave their way delicately through established plants, making them ideal for filling in barren garden spaces. The brightly colored flowers that resemble crocus require little maintenance to maintain their beauty from late summer to early October. An enticingly luxuriant display of outward-spreading, thin, grass-like green foliage envelops the blossoms.


  • Take a Growbag and add Cocopeat to it.
  • Encircle the Growbag with the seeds.
  • Lightly pack cocopeat into the hole and mist with water.
  • 3 times a week, drink water.
  • Seeds have a week to germinate.
  • Direct sunshine is required.


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