• Rajnigandha, Tuberose is simple to grow as a house flower plant; it doesn’t require specialized knowledge and is a low-maintenance bloom. The tuberose is a plant that blooms at night.
  • The perennial plant known as Polianthes tuberosa, or tuberose, is related to agaves, and its extracts are utilized as a note in perfumery. A perennial plant is one that blooms for more than two years. Polianthes Tuberosa (Rajnigandha) is a type of perennial flowering plant.
  • It produces clusters of fragrant, waxy white blooms that bloom from the base of the spike toward the top as it grows into elongated spikes up to 18 inches long. Its larger, clasping leaves are arranged along the stem, while its longer, bright green leaves are grouped toward the base of the plant.


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