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  • Sparaxis (Random Color) The striking sparaxis flowers are evergreen and add beauty all year round.
  • At the tips of the branches that are in bloom, the flowers are grouped in spikes. Two leafy flower bracts subtray each flower. The majority color of these stalkless flowers is white or cream, although they can sometimes occasionally include hints of pale yellow or purple (particularly on the undersides). The spring and early summer seasons are when most flowers appear.

Planting and Maintaining:

  • Fertilize the plant mostly when the flowers are in buds in the spring.
  • When the soil appears dry to the touch, water the plant.
  • You need to water the bulbs once a week until the ground freezes during a dry spell.
  • Every year, use compost to supply the nutrients required for upcoming blooms.
  • A plant should be fertilized mostly in the spring, while it is in the flowering bud stage.
  • The foliage can be clipped off after it turns yellow and dies back.
  • Plant the bulbs where they will get enough sunshine.


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