TFP Pots Gardening Essentials, thermoform pots are flexible, long-lasting pots. They are simple to use and maintain. Because of the pots’ flexibility, repotting from this pot is extremely simple. This pot has a hidden grove for improved grip and handling, as well as a raised bottom for excellent drainage. Please double-check the images for accuracy and keep in mind that this will come in a single pot pack. For more information, please see our workshops.


Thermoform is used to make our Gardening Pots. It is suitable for outdoor use and can accommodate plants of all sizes.

9 cm tall
6.9 (cm) in length

These pots can be used to grow flowering plants and vegetable seeds.
Fill the pot with soil and Cocopeat or Vermicompost.
Add the flower or vegetable seeds that you want to grow.
Using a spray gun or a spray bottle, add water.
Wipe the pot clean with a soft, dry cloth, store it in a clean, dry location, and handle it with firm hands.

It is extremely durable and adaptable. It also goes well with the interior design. Because they are mostly made of recyclable materials, these pots are environmentally friendly. They are more lightweight and easier to use. TFP pots are not affected by sunlight and can easily last several years.



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