When tulips blossom in the spring, they have a striking appearance. Using this lovely flowering plant can enhance the beauty of your landscape.

The tulip is a bulbous, perennial plant that has beautiful, dramatic flowers. Large, flamboyant, and vibrantly colored, the blossoms are typically red, pink, yellow, or white (warm hues). At the base of the petals and sepals, they frequently contain a blotch that is colored differently.

Tulip plants range in height from 4 to 28 inches, depending on the species.

Common Name : Tulips
Height : Up to 2 feet
Flower Colour : Pink
Bloom Time ; Spring
Difficulty Level : Easy to grow

Planting Methodology

  • If the soil feels dry to the touch, water the plant. Plant the bulbs in a location that receives enough sunlight.
  • When a plant is in the bloom bud stage in the spring, it is best to fertilize it.
  • You should trim the damaged area once the foliage turns yellow and dies back.
  • Lightbulbs shouldn’t be kept in storage for extended periods of time.
  • Plant the bulbs as soon as possible once they lose their viability.


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