• Tulip Purissima (Cream White) commonly called “White Emperor,” is a stunning kind of tulips with creamy white blossoms. These tulips are well-known for their delicate, milky white coloring and exquisite, goblet-shaped blooms.
  • It is advisable to plant ‘Purissima’ tulip bulbs in the fall, before the ground freezes. For the best growth, pick a spot with plenty of sunlight and soil that drains well. Plant the bulbs in the ground a few inches deep, paying attention to planting guidelines that are appropriate for your region’s environment.
  • ‘Purissima’ tulips usually bloom in the spring, when their gorgeous creamy white blossoms make a lovely display in gardens, borders, or containers. Let the foliage to wither and fade after blooming to allow the bulbs to receive nutrition for the following growing season.


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