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One equipment that can be used to spray liquids, such as water or insecticides, on plants or other objects is a yellow spray gun. To release the liquid in a fine mist, press the nozzle on the spray cannon, which includes a handle. This is a great way to water your plants and keep mosquitoes away from them. To dispense the liquid, simply fill it up, point, and press the nozzle. It resembles a water cannon for plants. Just keep in mind to clean it up after use so that it’s prepared for your future use.


Prepare the Liquid: Pour the desired liquid into the spray gun’s reservoir. This can be a combination of water plus fertilizer or insecticide, if necessary, or it could just be water for your plants.
Modify the Nozzle: You may alter the spray pattern with most spray guns’ changeable nozzles. Typically, the nozzle can be twisted to alternate between a direct spray and a thin mist.
Pick up the spray gun: Make sure you have a firm grasp while you hold the spray gun by its handle.




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