• Zephyranthes Lily, Rain Lily (Yellow) can be either evergreen or deciduous bulbous perennials, having linear leaves and spring, summer, or fall blooms that resemble funnels or crocuses.
  • The leaves are 3 mm broad and have a rich glossy green color. The flowers are erect in the perianth and first resemble a fresh leaf before emerging to a beautiful whiteness from their papery sheaves.

Care of Zephyranthes Lilies:

  • Zephyranthes bulbs should be planted in full light.
  • Create holes, then plant the bulbs 6 inches apart and 1-2 inches deep.
  • Plant bulbs in the holes you’ve made with a stick or your finger.
  • Once the bulbs are planted, thoroughly moisten the soil by soaking it and distributing it around them.
  • We’ll start germination in ten to fifteen days.
  • Rain lilies prefer dry conditions in the spring and summer, adding a little more water at the end of the growing season to encourage blooming.
  • Plant the bulbs right away, and don’t keep them in storage for too long.


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