Crystal Soil balls absorb water and expand from 1mm to 10mm (approximate) diameter ball shape. Ideal for indoor home/office desktop plants. Also ideal for vase, soil, gardening, and artificial plants. Check out our workshops for more information.


crystal Soil balls are made of a hydrogel that expands when it comes into contact with water.


Crystal Soil balls, also known as water beads or gel beads, are a versatile and fun way to add beauty and moisture to your plants or decorative arrangements. Begin by placing a small amount of crystal soil balls in a container and filling it with water. Allowing them to soak for a few hours will cause them to expand as they absorb the water. Once fully hydrated, drain off any excess water and use the crystal soil balls as desired. They can be used as a colorful base for candles, or even added to potted plants to help them retain moisture. These small beads add a decorative touch while also serving as a water reservoir for your plants. Remember to add water on a regular basis to keep them hydrated and enjoy their long-lasting beauty.


CRYSTAL Soil balls are reusable; simply add more water if they begin to shrink or become depleted of water.




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