DAP (Phosphate) is a high-phosphorus fertilizer. Along with nitrogen, phosphorus is an important nutrient that plays an important role in the development of new plant tissues and the regulation of protein synthesis in products. DAP provides phosphorus nutrition throughout the crop growth and development cycle, as well as meeting the crop’s initial nitrogen and sulfur requirements. For more information, please see our workshops.


DAP is composed of 18% nitrogen and 46% phosphate. Nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer in granule form that is highly concentrated. Plant resistance is increased by the nitrogen and phosphorus values of 18 – 46.


Water the plant after adding the granules. The granules will gradually dissolve and show results in a week.
Spray the plants and roots with one liter of water after dissolving the granules. This water can be used to fill up to five pots.


Phosphate (DAP) Granules are a popular fertilizer due to their exceptional physical properties and nutrient measurement. It is free-flowing, dust-free, and rarely causes depository problems. Because of the ammonia (NH4) it contains, DAP is almost water-soluble and eventually leaves an acidic effect on soils.



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