The gorgeous bulb variation Daffodil Cum Laude has trumpet-shaped orange center and graceful white petals. Each of the five bulbs in this collection promises an amazing show of color come springtime. These daffodils, which are prized for their elegant and graceful appearance, are ideal for bringing a little elegance to gardens, borders, or containers. These blossoms, which can grow up to 18 inches tall, are eye-catching and will brighten any outdoor area. As they blossom and enliven your yard, bask in the entrancing charm of Daffodil Cum Laude. Plant them in well-drained soil.

Planting And Care

Plant Daffodil Cum Laude bulbs in well-drained, enriched soil with partial to full sunlight during the fall, ensuring a depth of 6 inches and spacing of 4-6 inches apart. Water after planting, avoiding excessive moisture. Apply a layer of mulch, fertilize in early spring, and deadhead spent flowers. Allow foliage to naturally yellow before removing, ensuring a spectacular display of white and orange blooms each spring.


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