When planting Daffodil Poeticus bulbs, be sure to follow the specific planting instructions provided with the bulbs or consult with a local horticultural expert for guidance on planting and care in your particular growing zone. These daffodils make a beautiful addition to gardens and flower beds and are appreciated for their classic beauty and sweet fragrance.


  • Flower Color: The Daffodil Poeticus typically has white petals and a central corona that is yellow or orange. This combination gives the flowers a classic and elegant appearance.
  • Growth Habit: Daffodils, including the Poeticus variety, have slender green stems and the characteristic daffodil shape, with a central trumpet-shaped corona surrounded by outer petals.
  • Bulbs: Daffodils grow from bulbs. Each bulb will produce one flowering stem with multiple flowers.
  • Bloom Time: Daffodils like the Poeticus variety typically bloom in the early to mid-spring, heralding the arrival of spring with their lovely blossoms.
  • Fragrance: The Poeticus daffodil is known for its sweet and fragrant flowers, adding a delightful scent to your garden.
  • Sun and Soil Requirements: Daffodils, including Poeticus, prefer well-drained soil and full sun to partial shade for optimal growth.
  • Hardiness: Daffodils are generally hardy and can naturalize, meaning they may return and multiply each year if conditions are favorable.


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