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  • Brightly colored and strikingly stunning lowers. The blooming daffodils are a beautiful sight in the spring yard.
  • The Amaryllidaceae family of perennial plants includes daffodils, which bloom in the spring. The trumpet-shaped structure of daffodil blossoms is displayed against a background of stars. Normally, the plant stem contains a single flower, but on occasion, an umbel (cluster of flowers) will appear.

Tahiti Daffodil Care:

  • These bulbs are prepared and prepared for seeding.
  • Daffodil bulb sowing season occurs throughout the early winter, fall, and rainy seasons.
  • Make a 10 cm-diameter hole and plant the bulb there.
  • Place the bulb tip up in the hole, cover with earth, and press down firmly.
  • Place lights four to six inches apart.
  • Put the tips of each bulb in.


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