Hedychium is a robust plant that produces a lot of leaves with flower-like spikes on top.

The perennial hedychium has fleshy, thick rhizomes that are branching. The plants have clasping leaves and pseudostems.

Typical Name:  Mahili ginger, garland flower, ginger lily

Height: Up to 180 cm;

Color: Red; Bloom Period: Summer to Fall/Autumn

Level of Difficulty: Easy to Grow


Planting and care

Cut back on wintertime watering
In summer, water well, but keep out of water logging situations.
Avoid exposing leaves to strong sunlight in the afternoon as it can lead them to curl.
If you want blossoms the following season as well, leave the dead leaves on the plant; they protect the rhizomes in the winter.
When you notice packed leaves in a container, repot in a larger pot. If you discover any pest attacks or diseases, use organic pesticides or fungicides.


Hedychium Care

  • Make use of soil that has been well-amended with nutrients from organic sources and compost.
  • Plant the bulbs or rhizomes 18 to 36 inches apart and cover with 1/4 inch of soil in the spring.
  • In the spring, thin the seedlings if needed.
  • It can be multiplied by plantlets, dividing, and seeds.
Sunlight Full sun, partial shade or filtered bright light
Watering Medium
Soil Moist rich soil, well-drained soil
Temperature 8 to 24 degrees C
Fertilizer Use any of the organic fertilizer.
Harvest Season Dig up the rhizomes in late summer to early fall and store them for the next season.


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