Hedychium is a robust plant that produces a lot of leaves with flower-like spikes on top.

The perennial hedychium has fleshy, thick rhizomes that are branching. The plants have clasping leaves and pseudostems.

Common Name : Kahili ginger, garland flower, and ginger lily
Height: 180 cm
Color of Flowers: Pink
Bloom Period: Summer to Fall/Autumn
Level of Difficulty: Easy to Grow

Planting And Methodology

  • Cut back on wintertime watering
  • In summer, water well, but keep out of water logging situations.
  • Avoid exposing leaves to strong sunlight in the afternoon as it can lead them to curl.
  • If you want blossoms the following season as well, leave the dead leaves on the plant; they protect the rhizomes in the winter.
  • When you notice that the leaves are crammed inside a container, repot in the larger pot.
  • If you discover any pest infestation or illness, use fungicides or organic pesticides.


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