Hyacinth ‘Pink Pearl’ bulbs produce exquisite, fragrant spikes of delicate pink flowers, creating a charming spring spectacle. The bulbs feature an oval shape with papery layers and give rise to dark green, strap-like leaves. Standing at 8 to 12 inches tall, the flower spikes form a cone-shaped raceme, emanating a sweet and captivating perfume. Planted at a depth of around 6 inches, these bulbs thrive in well-drained soil and partial sunlight. Perfect for borders and containers, ‘Pink Pearl’ hyacinths bring a burst of color and fragrance to gardens, making them a favorite for early spring displays.

Planting And Care

Try to plant the bulbs six to eight weeks prior to the first heavy frost in the fall. This enables the bulbs to develop roots in time for winter.

Pick a spot that receives full to partial sunlight and enough drainage. Rich soil with excellent drainage is ideal for hyacinth growth.

In order to get the soil ready, add organic materials such as compost. Soil that drains well keeps bulbs from rotting.

For every bulb, dig a hole that is roughly 6 inches (15 cm) deep. Orient the bulb so that the pointed end is facing up, then place several bulbs 4–6 inches apart.

To help the soil settle and encourage root growth, give the area a good irrigation after planting. In order to avoid soggy soil during the winter, water lightly.





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