Freesias have always been a popular attraction due to their alluring assortment of jewel-toned colors, extended vase life, and delightful aroma. Freesias are frequently given as gifts to greet a new baby since they also represent innocence and purity. They are widely used at weddings and other special events.


  • If you plant a freesia bulb, it should end up in cocopeat or well-drained soil or vermicompost.
  • Fill it with dirt and a little water.
  • between 3 and 5 cm in depth, and 5 cm apart. After giving the pot enough of water, place it in a cool, shady, frost-free area; 40°F is the optimum temperature.
  • When the plant is actively growing and flowering, water it moderately.
  • When shoots start to appear after three to four weeks, shift to a warmer, sunnier spot.
  • Give Cocopeat and use a spray bottle with a gun to mist with water.
  • When the ground appears entirely dry, add water.
  • Seeds will sprout in two to three weeks.
  • Direct sunshine is required.


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